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Over the years we have assembled a list of sources of information to help you make your vacation an enjoyable success.


An excellent online world atlas. Use MapQuest to find everything from airports to local businesses.

Yahoo Weather

Know the weather forecast at your destination before you pack.

Urban Rail (formerly metroPlanet)

A complete guide to European metro, subway, U-Bahn, T-bana or underground networks.


TravLang is a wonderful language primer for basic language survival. You can even hear the word by clicking on the sound files!

Just like having your own concierge to the world.


The place to see rail schedules, rail passes, and fares throughout Europe.

International Airport Guide

Just like having your own concierge to the world.

Universal Currency Converter

Helpful converter for major currencies.

Travel Smart News

It's the popular newsletter mailed monthly with advance news on best-value tours, cruises, packages -- and insider tips on how to travel better for less.


A free web based service to connect you with your doctor while on the road. Submit non-urgent, routine requests such as prescription renewals, making/canceling or rescheduling appointments, referral needs, and X-ray or lab test results. A fax is sent directly to your doctor's office.

Buy Converter

Complete Adapter Kit: This portable, lightweight kit contains all the necessary adapters, telephone and power adapters needed to charge and connect anywhere in Italy.

Antonio's Limousine Service

For the best limousine service we've found in Rome, contact Antonio. He has lived and driven in the city for over 25 years and speaks good English. His outgoing, friendly personality and knowledge of Roman history will immediately endear you to him. Reasonable prices and well maintained autos and vans make his service a must. If you want a driver to take you to the Amalfi or even Florence, he's available with enough notice. He loves to take visitors on half or full day tours also, including the fascinating Appian Way just outside Rome.

It's easy to take a short course at your local community college or purchase language lessons on tape for your commute to work. Although not necessary, it's certainly available for the more ambitious academic types looking to enhance their experience with the added dimension of language. Be aware that there are many relatively inexpensive tools you can purchase to help make it easy. The modern world of electronics offers PDA's (personal digital assistants) made by such well-known companies as Compaq and Palm. Items such as the Franklin Pocket Translator is even more advanced - you just type the English word and it promptly speaks an audio equivalent in French, Italian, or whatever language you choose!

Auto Europe

Auto Europe says they now rent portable hand-held Global Positioning Systems (Pilot 3 Receiver) that come with a map of the country you are visiting. What a great help when you're looking for a particular restaurant or villa!

Creative Memories is in the business of creating memories, and it's conjunctively popular right now (at least in America) to put together photo scrapbooks. These may feature grandchildren, holiday get-togethers, trips, projects, or whatever.

Travel Essentials

For the discriminating traveler who wants the convenience of Internet shopping with the assurance of superior quality and service, Travel Essentials is the specialty retailer of high quality luggage and travel accessories that provides the most knowledgeable and informative shopping experience on the web, backed up by the best guarantee on the web. Unlike other internet retailers, Travel Essentials' web store is designed to convey the warmth and charm of their staff and to make an online shopping experience as comfortable as a visit to their brick-and-mortar store. They carry high quality luggage from Eagle Creek, Victorinox (The Swiss Army people), and Briggs And Riley. Best of all for Drawbridge travelers, they specialize in European Guidebooks and European Travel Maps.

The Savvy Traveler

It's very safe to meander through Europe, but Americans can become targets for pickpockets. Therefore I wear a money belt under my clothing. Here I keep my passport, driver's license, cash, Traveler's Cheques, ATM and credit card. You can purchase inexpensive security belts and body hugging bags at travel stores or check out


Travel guides.

Please note

Although we have worked with several of these services, or its employees cannot guarantee consistent quality of third party services. Please raise any concerns you might have directly with the selected company. If you have praise or complaints for any service listed, we would appreciate hearing about it so that we may revise our list for other travelers. Thank you.

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